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Professional Dentistry in Zuglo

Edit Dentistry is a private practice with 30 years of experience. We welcome our earlier and new clients to our health centre! During dental treatments our aim is to please our clients, we provide our treatments in a friendly and comfortable environment. We provide precise work for our patients due to many years of experience, modern technologies and professional materials.

We are committed to continuously offer novelties and specialties to our clients so that they leave the office with a beautiful and natural smile. In our dentistry obtaining excellent dental background success comes from treating each patient uniquely, taking each aesthetic need into account. Our patients’ health and smile are of utmost importance for us that can be only achieved with team work. We encourage everyone to care about their teeth as prevention is far easier than treating an aching tooth. This is why; it is advisable for everyone to attend yearly dental screenings. If someone has an acute problem, we treat it and the client can return to a life without complaints.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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Dr. Edit Lőrincz

  • I graduated in 1982, at the Faculty of Dentistry, at Semmelweis University
  • obtained my special examination in dental- and oral diseases in 1984. I worked in Tatabánya as a resident doctor, then I started consulting at NHS in Fehérvári Street, and after a short time I started my own practice.
  • My assistant: Beáta Hahn
  • Contact with dental surgeon dr.Tibor Bódi

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Health Centre

Our office is located in the building of Siemens, in Gizella Street 51 – 57, Budapest, 1143. The place is easily accessible from Hungária Boulevard, from Semsey Andor Street as the office is on the corner of Semsey and Gizella streets. In the neighbourhood a parking lot is provided near the building.



With public transport:

  • buses: 5,7,7A,7E,107E, 133E, 233E
  • trolleybus: 72
  • tram: 1,1A, not far from Zugló train station


Ask for appointment on the telephone number below

+36 20 9665 880
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Dental treatments

foghúzás kép


kezelés kép

Root Canal Therapy

fogaszati vizsgálat kép

Calculus Removal

száj kép

Tooth whitening

fogászati eszközök

Tooth Filling

fog kép

Crowns, Bridges


Removable Dental Prosthesis

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Accepted health insurance cards


Diagnosis, consultation
first occasion is 2000Ft, for patients who attend annually free FREE
10.000 - 15.000 Ft
Composite Filling, Tooth Construction
14.000 - 20.000 Ft
Temporary Filling
Dental Hygienic Treatment(Calculus Removal, Polishing)
15.000 - 18.000 Ft
Root Canal Therapy 1 Root
15.000 Ft
Root Canal Therapy 2 Roots
17.000 Ft
Root Canal Therapy 3-4 Roots
20 000 Ft
Bridge Removal
2.000-8.000 Ft
Night Guard
25.000 Ft 16.000 Ft
Temporary Crown
7.000 Ft
Crown Sticking (per crown)
3.000 Ft
Tooth Construction with Post
20.000 Ft
Technical Post
20.000 Ft
Denture Upper or Lower
95.000- 130.000 Ft 85.000 - 110.000 Ft
Rebasing of Denture
20.000 Ft
Removeable Dental Prosthetis (1 pair)
5.000 - 10.000 Ft
Denture Fixation with Wire Gauze
15.000 Ft
Removeable Tooth (metal plate)
140.000 Ft
Removeable Tooth Construction(metal plate extra charge)
35.000 Ft
Removeable Tooth Construction(acrylate plate clasp extra charge)
Temporary Denture(per mandible jaw)
40.000 Ft
1-2 Teeth Temporary Removeable Adding Tooth
25.000 Ft
Porcelain Crown (depending on quality and esthetics)
35.000 - 38.000 Ft
*after 6 pieces discount!
Broken Denture Relign
12.000 - 20.000 Ft
Hidden Intraradicular Anchorage (per pieces)
45.000 Ft
Tooth Whitening
50.000Ft 48.900 Ft
Tooth Whitening Substance (2 syringes)
20.000 Ft
Inner Tooth Whitening
12.000 Ft
Tooth Jewel Application (without the price of the jewel)
12.000 Ft
Tooth Jewel (Skyce)
5.000 Ft
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